Wyatt Lyonsmith

Professional Supercross/Motocross racer and USMCA certified coach, Wyatt Lyonsmith, has been a motorcycle enthusiast his entire life. The passion for motorcycle riding began at age 4 behind his parents house. Now, Wyatt loves to share his knowledge and experiences of racing and riding with riders of all ages and skill levels. Contact for daily, weekly and monthly coaching. 

Phillip O'leary

I Have more than 17 years riding experience! Gaining his knowledge from some of the best local motocross trainers and pros to step foot in the North West! Racing and traveling all over the USA riding and training at different tracks! From never touching a motorcycle to intermediate and advanced riders he has what you are looking for! Track etiquette, safety, correct riding form, ins and outs of the race track or any other concerns you might have. He is the answer to your problems!

Joe DeGano

Joe DeGano is a former professional motocross athlete who competed in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship Nationals. He founded MX Coach in 2001 Leading with the mental aspects of racing and is one of the few Master Motocross Coaches in the world delivering Advanced Motocross Techniques.

He has specialized in working with amateurs racers who want to be professional AMA Pro racers and many of his students have achieved that success. Most notable Idaho racers that DeGano coached are Cole Siebler, Ben Evans and John Kent. All of DeGano’s students share breakthrough results, which at the time were not considered possible!

Today he focuses on working with professional racers and race teams. DeGano is known as the “Unreasonable Man,” because he won’t coach racers playing small games to merely improve or get better. He coaches his students to create and play the game of their life now, regardless of how promising or pathetic they are as a racer today.

Jace Owens

Jace has been throwin’ a leg over a dirtbike for 37 YEARS, from freeriding and “SENDING IT” HUUUGE off shoveled Booters that very few DARE to try – to High-Risk,  High-Concentration, single-track riding in the mountains – to riding and racing Motocross at tracks here in the United States and in numerous countries across Europe.  With Championships attained throughout his years of riding, from HARD WORK and dedication to the sport that he LOVES, and from decades of racing and learning from some of the  BEST racers to have competed at the National Level, he has acquired the skills and knowledge to work on your goals with you and help you SUCCEED!   His passion for Coaching and his desire to reinvest into the sport that he LOVES is very clear!
Working with all ages from the Lil’ Tikes to his oldest Vet-Racing Student yet of 73 years old, Beginner Level to Advanced Riders, Individual Instruction to Smaller Groups for more concentrated attention, Jace would be HAPPY to Coach you!  Being Retired after a previous life with the U.S. Air Force, Jace is available to Coach at any hour during the day that he has an opening, and also available to Coach at (2) different locations for your convenience.  Private Coaching at a location of your choice is also available.  
YOUR Riding Goals dictate the direction of Jace’s Instruction, so reach out when you’re D.T.R. (Down To Ride) and he’ll get you where you’re lookin’ to GO in this Sentence to a Life Behind Bars! ✊🏼🤪👊🏼